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Certified & Competent

Our company culture creates a safe, injury-free work environment. Our safety program is built on the foundation of proper leadership, training, task planning, equipment and resources .Our goal is to provide the tools for a productive, healthy, accident-free environment. We want everyone to go home safely.

Safety equipment


Our management team understands that changing individual behavior is critical to safety success - that’s why we established the C&C Safety Committee. Our Safety Committee includes everyone from top executives to new apprentices for all types of input to nurture and improve our safety culture.  One of the reasons why we maintain a very good safety record is because the safety program is fostered by the upper management of the company, implemented by the Safety Committee, enforced by the managers and overseen by the Safety Director. C&C Sheet Metal’s Safety Committee members and the Safety Director conduct frequent and thorough onsite safety inspections; taking immediate corrective action if needed and recording the inspection for review at the Safety Committee meetings. The Safety Committee uses the information from the inspection reports to determine future safety training and rectifying any deficiencies.


Supervisors at all levels, together with our Safety Director, evaluate safety performance on a continuing basis.
Our foremen,project managers and Safety Director conduct pre-job/pre-task safety and health planning, addressing the most common hazards in mechanical construction work. Most of C&C’s foremen, project managers and field employees have successfully completed a 30 hour OSHA Training Course in Construction Safety & Health. All of our foremen and Safety Committee members attend in-house quarterly seminars as well as safety classes sponsored by SMOHIT & SMART Local #20. We also utilize outside safety consultants to provide on-demand training and to keep up-to-date with the rapid changing needs of our environment.


CCS-IDOL (Coalition for Construction Safety - Indiana Department of Labor) Certified Partner

Ranked in the top 3 most safe sheet metal companies in the nation by SMACNA in 2015

SMACNA Zero Injury Award recipients for over 5 years

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