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CAD Drawing of HVAC System


Process Expertise

C&C Sheet Metal uses a variety of state of the art tools that allow us to plan ahead, making projects flow smoothly from start to finish. Our team is trained to provide a broad range of Pre-Construction Services tailored to ensure project success. We offer Project Requirement Development, Estimating, CAD Design and Value Engineering. Our comprehensive suite of pre-construction services can make us a key part of any design/build, construction management or negotiated construction team.

Project Requirement Development includes the development and review of building and system performance to meet your operational and project goals. We offer time efficient and cost conscious options to the traditional design, bid, build model. We collaborate with our customer, the Owner, and their consultants to develop the best scope before the project begins. Equipment will be evaluated to consider price, performance, installation, service and operating costs. Duct and HVAC systems can be evaluated for economies in routing and serviceability. From constructability review to material and equipment selections, we produce detailed coordinated planned drawings, which allow us to fabricate and procure material and schedule installation to best fit the overall construction parameters

Estimating is used to create a baseline for each project by performing a layout of labor, material and equipment. C&C’s estimating department assembles project cost estimates for competitive bidding projects, negotiated bid projects and design-build projects. We use state of the art software and our many years of successfully executed projects to accurately forecast labor costs for each project. By utilizing on-screen takeoff capabilities, via downloaded files, allows us the ability to create a more accurate takeoff, to handle more projects faster, to create material and quantity lists and minimize paper waste and our ecological footprint.  As part of our continual improvement process, we compare actual project labor and materials costs against each estimate to evaluate our estimating accuracy.  We use these comparisons to constantly refine the estimating values we use, allowing us to increase our competitiveness while maintaining profitability.  Our estimators work very closely with our project managers during each project’s turnover meeting, to ensure the scope and details of the project as bid, are accurately transferred to the project as we begin the execution phase.

CAD Design is integral to delivering a streamlined project by providing detailed drawings for construction. Using sophisticated software, our detail department provides vital clash detection and compliance to all applicable specifications and codes.  They are a driving force for our project planning process. Working in conjunction with other teams within our company, as well as other contractors, our CAD team can provide images and data that are key to decision making and coordination on a project. Project drawings and Building Information Modeling (BIM) are fused to work out any coordination issues and conflicts between mechanical, electrical, structural, and plumbing systems before construction begins. This detailed coordination can help ensure that projects that are delivered on time and within desired budget.

Value Engineering includes real time cost evaluations and design recommendations used to manage cost without affecting performance. C&C Sheet Metal is often requested to provide Value Engineering (VE) alternatives to project bids that are coming in over budget.  The VE process assists owners and construction managers with achieving the design intent of each project and staying within budgets whenever possible.  Our experience working with owners, architects, engineers and construction managers enables us to provide valuable feedback and to offer solutions that maximize the value of a project.

We plan and prepare, integrating past experience to ensure future success. We use all of our resources and company-wide project knowledge to develop feasible plans for any project regardless of size, type, or complexity. Our in-house experts are constantly working together, sharing expertise and recommendations to make each project a success before the construction phase begins. This results in innovative solutions that are mindful of overall cost, sustainability, and performance.

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