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Expertise and experience in hospitality

Hospitality projects exist to serve the guest on-the-go! More than a mint on the pillow, soft sheets or fluffy towels, comfort is also a product of ideal temperature and humidity. Ensuring the optimal climatic conditions in all areas within a hotel guarantees an exceptional guest experience that differentiates your business from others. The comfort and quality of your environment can win the hearts of guests, create brand loyalty,  increase staff productivity and positively impact revenue growth from returning customers.

The "front of the house" - guest rooms, reception, lounge and lobby, conference and ballrooms, dining and recreation zones all have different environmental requirements. Pools, recreation rooms and gyms have their own unique climate requirements and need effective dehumidification year round. The "back of the house" - support facilities, kitchens, laundry, and staff rooms present their own unique challenges. Kitchen and laundry areas need extensive ventilation and must be kept separate from other areas. Combined together, these create levels of mechanical complexity and ruggedness as well as luxurious finish details seldom found in other facilities. It takes specialist expertise to provide impeccable temperature and air management around the clock and throughout the seasons.

C&C has performed hospitality projects for both large and small; independent and chain-brand hotels; expansive new facilities and historic renovations. We have provided HVAC installation and retrofit services for everything from general indoor comfort systems, kitchen and servery systems, smoke and atrium exhaust systems, type 1 kitchen exhaust,  elevator and stairwell pressurization and dehumidification systems.

Hotels are open 24/7 and we understand that “downtime” is not a word hotel operators can afford to hear. We know the challenges of working in operating facilities and have learned how to mitigate the impacts to their operations and guests. To do this, we communicate and coordinate closely with management to implement a customized project schedule, including milestones and deadlines. Our goal is to maintain a positive guest experience by establishing a safe, comfortable, and attractive environment from check-in to check-out.

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