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Expertise in HVAC systems for medical use

C&C Sheet Metal has continuously delivered high quality mechanical services to nearly every major medical provider in Central Indiana.

We have developed a team of specialists in HVAC systems for medical facilities. They have learned all of the nuances of working in hospitals, medical labs and office buildings – working around live systems, patients and complex mechanical systems. Our team’s knowledge of standards of practice for medical facilities is second-to-none and they take their work very seriously, ensuring that the patient experience, life-safety systems and protocols are never compromised in doing our work. C&C has trained a continuum of personnel in medical facilities, with many supervisors spending nearly an entire career with one client and set of facilities. Our retention rate for key individuals is very high and the years-of- experience of our team is incomparable.

Those in the industry know that space constraint and coordination of the work is also a big factor in working in medical facilities. These facilities are packed with utilities and complex systems.

To help with these problems, C&C has been using collaborative construction project software to expedite accurate coordination of all trades. We are continually pursuing methods to become more efficient and cost-effective in the delivery of our products and services.

Major Hospital
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