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Wastewater Treatment Plant


Expertise in industrial facilities unique risks

Industrial plants & facilities propose unique inherent challenges and risks. They require specialized planning, shop and field skills, equipment, rigging, safety procedures and installation know-how. Over the history of our company, C&C Sheet Metal has performed numerous projects for the automotive, waste removal and food processing industries. Heavier gauges of construction, materials and equipment that is much larger than is typically encountered on most commercial projects requires specialized shop techniques, skills, certifications and special attention to planning and performing the work safely.

Though C&C is not a structural steel fabricator, the fabrication of large size, heavy-gauge ductwork, plenums, duct supports and associated process ventilation equipment begins to take on the attributes of steel fabrication. We maintain SMACNA approved HVAC and Industrial duct fabrication standards to ensure that our work will meet even the most stringent customer specifications. Industrial products and processes are manufactured to withstand continuous duty in demanding applications.

Our Health & Safety Manual provides standards, policies and guidelines for work around moving machinery, hazardous energy, heat, elevated surfaces, chemicals and all of the known risks encountered in industrial settings. We have the knowledge and staff experience to perform almost any type of industrial air handling, ventilating and pollution control system projects.

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