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Expertise in the innovative life science market

C&C Sheet Metal has served the Central Indiana life sciences industries for over 20 years. Many of our field leads, foremen and project managers have performed hundreds of crucial projects for several life science facilities. C&C retains many of these facilities as steady, legacy customers, performing new construction as well as sustaining facilities projects with personnel on-site year after year. We have performed work on most every HVAC air-delivery, exhaust, filtration, pressure control and cleanroom systems conceivable in these complex facilities.

From extraordinary quality and cleanliness measures to the potential of worker and/or community exposure to hazards, this market demands excellence of its contractors. Air filtration systems are crucially important to life science companies to properly control airborne particles, aerosols and biological contaminants. Consumer safety depends upon it.  A contractor must provide their "A-game" every single day - there is no room for mediocre performance or attitudes, particularly when it comes to safety and mitigating impacts to operating facilities. C&C Sheet Metal has the staff and lead craftsmen who understand the requirements of working on and around the elaborate, innovative and technical life science facilities. We can meet your strict standards for documentation, quality control, and provide you with a superior air quality delivery system.

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