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Aunt Millie's Bakery


Expertise in supporting the food & beverage industry

C&C is an industry leader in custom HVAC construction and service supporting clients for the food and beverage industry. Whether its restaurants & cafes, production facilities, distribution centers, or Indiana’s burgeoning beer, wine and spirits industries, we understand the unique food grade demands. They require strict adherence to codes and standards as well as a clean, serviceable, quality installation.

Our team has decades of experience working with some of the largest commercial bakeries to small artisan food and beverage makers. No matter your needs, we can provide the following:

  • Prep Tables

  • Conveyors and Material Handling Equipment

  • Tanks and Mixing Vessels

  • Hoppers, Chutes and Racks for your Specific Process

  • Work and Access Platforms

  • Product Carts

  • Complete HVAC system design/build and installation

Businesses rely on high-quality, dependable HVAC systems that enable air quality suitable for manufacturing of food and beverage products, occupant/operator safety, and a high degree of customer comfort. From CO2 demand-ventilation system and controls for operator safety, to kitchen exhaust systems of all types and comfort systems, we have the experience, expertise and know how to provide thoughtful input to system design and quality delivery of installation and service. C&C can provide kitchen and servery HVAC systems, process exhaust, and makeup air systems as well as high-end finishes for restaurants and tasting rooms.

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