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Expertise to cheer about

C&C Sheet Metal has years of experience providing sheet metal and HVAC services for sports, fitness, entertainment and event/convention center facilities. These are big businesses—and big on complexity, with a host of complex systems and requirements to tackle. We pride ourselves on delivering unique systems to these exciting indoor and outdoor atmospheres.

One unique requirement that large indoor sports, entertainment and convention center venues have that other buildings don't normally encounter, is the relatively sudden occupancy of  large spaces and the need to have those spaces at target environmental conditions by the time of the event. Where a typical building operates its HVAC systems throughout a scheduled day, these facilities go from near-zero occupancy to 100% occupancy in a short amount of time. In the majority of these venues, the occupancy of the facility also fluctuates dramatically between practices and rehearsals versus games and events. This requires the design of systems that can operate under low-occupancy conditions and then ramp up quickly, preconditioning the space in time for fans and patrons to arrive.

Indoor ice arenas and pools are a special breed of buildings, where temperature and humidity must be managed on a very large scale. This is vital to prevent condensation from forming on surfaces, as well as to maintain optimal ice and water conditions.  

Fitness centers and locker rooms require complex ventilation systems. Poor ventilation in these facilities can lead to lingering humidity and condensation, mold and mildew, unpleasant odors, warped benches, rusty lockers and equipment and health problems. We also work with a unique group of fitness clients, who require their facilities to be maintained at high temperatures, with precise levels of humidity, while providing clean, healthy air. Keeping humidity properly balanced in these facilities is essential for aiding the body in stimulation, sweating out toxins, allowing the muscles to relax and helping to prevent injuries. Indoor air quality is another major factor in these facilities. We have provided many different solutions to keep the space healthy for all occupants.

We recognize patrons and fans do not visit our client's venues for our HVAC systems. We provide a necessity that, when done well, is not seen or heard, just felt.

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