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New Castle Correctional Facility


Expertise in institutional regulatory compliance

C&C Sheet Metal understands the unique needs of institutional facilities. We offer you an unmatched level of expertise to ensure your project is completed properly and cost-effectively, improving air quality and reducing utility expenses, while maintaining the utmost safety and security for patients, guests, inmates and staff. Whether resolving intricate ventilation problems or correcting regulatory compliance deficiencies, our team will work with skill and accuracy to provide minimal adverse effects on your daily routine. We approach each project differently and devise a unique strategy to ensure you receive an energy and cost efficient HVAC solution. We work directly with you to understand the results you want to see from your institutional project and develop a strategy based upon your objectives.

“Ordinary”, or anything that even approaches “standard” or “the usual” is nowhere close to meeting the many design standards in a corrections environment. Security is the top design priority for every aspect of a corrections facility. Keeping everyone safe – whether facility staff member, inmate, outside maintenance personnel, or visitor — dictates how the facility is designed and built. Nothing is too small to be overlooked. Any weakness represents dangerous opportunity for residents who attempt to exploit it. An effective correctional facility HVAC system must operate reliably to help keep a potentially hostile population “cool,” with design and construction that does not offer inmates physical access to the various components.

On the other hand, Assisted Living/Nursing Home facilities have to pay particular care to indoor air quality concerns. Many of their patients and residents are those who are susceptible to these problems; such as people with pre-existing health problems, the frail elderly, people with cancer who are going through treatment, and those who may have depressed immune systems.

Whether you are renovating an existing building, constructing a new one, or looking for service solutions, we have the expertise and resources to help.

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