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High-rise/Mixed-use buildings present certain challenges that traditional buildings do not due to their complexity between occupancies. As occupancies change, for example, from a restaurant on the first floor to office space on the second floor, so do HVAC needs and therefore HVAC systems. This presents a big challenge for HVAC contractors who must understand how the requirements for each occupancy will impact both building and HVAC system design. Not only do HVAC systems need to meet the needs of each occupancy, but the system must also meet the demands of the entire building in terms of efficiency.


C&C’s management staff and supervisors have learned the subtleties of high-rise buildings HVAC systems including mastering the flow of work in a congested logistical environment. Our knowledge of code and best practices make C&C a top choice for builders undertaking these projects. To say the least, these projects represent “tight quarters”. We take pride in our ability to plan, to the smallest detail, the delivery of these types of facilities.  


We also provide tenant finish and retrofit services for existing high-rise/mixed-use buildings. We will design, fabricate and install a system unique to your high-rise/mixed-use building, a system that is both within your budget and that will maximize your energy savings.