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Brownstown School


Expertise in educational facilities

From athletic centers and university academic buildings to early education and K-12 facilities, C&C Sheet Metal has specialized in school construction from our start, and that area of expertise continues to play a prominent role in our overall operations today. Working with public and private K-12 schools and higher education campuses, our team of qualified technicians delivers prompt, cost-effective installations and repairs for grounds and facilities of all sizes.

Education is a competitive product today. Colleges, universities, trade schools and Greek Housing (Fraternities & Sororities) must find ways to attract and maintain enrollment, and a comfortable environment for students and staff is expected.  Parents and tax payers require HVAC systems to control indoor climates to provide an environment that is conducive to learning. In fact, oftentimes a district's ability to convene classes depends on acceptable climate control. If the air conditioning is broken on a 90ºF day or the heating system is malfunctioning on a 30ºF day, school gets canceled. It’s as simple as that. HVAC components must be maintained on a timely and routine basis. This preventive maintenance will ensure reliability, reduce operating costs, and increase the life expectancy of the equipment.  Allow our team to find practical and cost-effective HVAC solutions for your facilities.

From large campus buildings to private early education centers, the C&C team understands the unique needs of our educational partners. Stretching your operational funds while delivering on value, our professional services keep your school & campus running smoothly, with minimal disruptions.  We work hard to live up to our reputation for outstanding service, quality workmanship and innovative green solutions.

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