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Quality Craftsmanship

Our products are designed and crafted to the highest standards, combining time-honored techniques with state-of-the-art technology. Our "roots" are in HVAC duct fabrication, but our scope of capabilities is far greater...

C&C Sheet Metal Duct Work


More Than Just Ductwork

C&C has a wide range of skills and capabilities in metal fabrication. While we are not a “building steel” fabricator, we have the ability to form, weld and fabricate a variety of custom products from flat sheet, plate, tubing and other structural shapes for a wide range of applications. We have expertise with forming and welding galvanized and black steel, aluminum, stainless alloys as well as fiberglass and some thermoplastics. We have built a wide range of custom-fabricated items for commercial, industrial, food-processing, medical and manufacturing clients ranging from structural platforms, covers, hoppers, non-ASME vessels, containment carts, material conveyance systems and a myriad of other components. Additionally, with our CNC-driven shears and brakes, we can build almost any flashing, coping and building trim component.

In addition to our expertise in fabricating HVAC comfort system ductwork, fittings, and other components, C&C has extensive experience with industrial ductwork. These systems often operate at high pressures and require fabrication, forming and welding of heavier gauges and require extensive mechanical stiffening. C&C has fabricated large-diameter industrial ductwork and material conveyance duct and fittings. We have the knowledge, manpower, facilities and equipment to design, properly fabricate (and/or install) even the largest process exhaust and conveyance systems.


Attention to Detail

Designing, fabricating and installing a high-quality HVAC air delivery system – one that performs well and is long-lasting – involves a combination of skills and craftsmanship. It starts with the interpretation of the “engineered”, conceptual system. From there it is translated into details that allow our shop and field personnel to efficiently fabricate the metal ductwork, fittings, and other shop-built components and combine these with other manufactured items like air handling units, dampers, coils, grilles, registers & diffusers and technical control systems. The proper integration of all of these components leads to a building HVAC “system” that maintains comfort and air quality while maximizing energy efficiency. Every step along the way involves a series of quality checkpoints that ensure the end-user receives the best-built system for their dollar.

C&C maximizes the use of computer-aided design and manufacturing technologies, yet, there is a certain element of hand-skill that is required. If you take a tour through our shop, you will see that our craftspeople blend the traits of modern-day metalsmith with high-tech computer guided machine operator. There is simply no substitute for the trained hand to perform many of the tasks of the metal shop.

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