As a premier sheet metal contractor, C&C Sheet Metal employs a diverse group of talented people. In addition to expertise in sheet metal fabrication, engineering, HVAC systems and architectural metal, C&C’s employees are talented brewmasters, gardeners, bakers, bbq pitmasters, volunteers and community stewards.

We recruit, train, and retain the best staff to provide our clients with exceptional products and services measured by the highest standards in the sheet metal industry. Nearly all of our employees have been with C&C for over 10 years and many have been with us for over 20 years. The longevity of our company and the outstanding level of experience of our employees, promotes the consistency which our clients can rely on for quality products delivered on time and on budget.

C&C Sheet Metal, LLC. has a long history of valuing every employee and encouraging an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit. This has created a working environment that feels like a family and allows individuals the freedom to be creative, productive, and contributing members of the company. Our team members take great pride in their work and they are committed to their clients and to the success of each project.

C&C employs members of Local #20 ensuring family wage jobs within our community. We employee journeymen, and most importantly apprentices and preapprentices, proud to be training the next generation of highly skilled craftsmen.


Cindy Trimpe.jpg

Cindy Trimpe

President, Chief Executive Officer

Tony Zirkelbach.jpg
Steve McQueen.jpg

Steve McQueen

Project Manager, Estimator

Mike Ingram

Project Manager, Estimator, Safety Committee

Matt Smith.jpg

Matt Smith

Project Manager, Estimator, Detailer

Mike Ingram.jpg
Brandon Foster.jpg

Brandon Foster

Project Manager, Estimator

Breck Hardcastle.jpg

Breck Hardcastle

Project Manager, Estimator, Safety Committee

Gary Ennis.jpg

Gary Ennis

Detailer, Safety Committee

Andy Prichard

Project Manager & On-Site Supervisor for Corteva AgriScience, Safety Committee

Andy Prichard.jpg
Jenny Perry.jpg

Jenny Perry


Kristin Wilson.jpg

Kristin Wilson

Safety Director, Human Resources


Jane Stradling

Office Assistant

Jim Middleton

Shop Foreman

Jim Middleton-1.jpg
C & C Employee - James Gates.jpg

Jim Gates

Field Foreman, Safety Committee

Phil Henderson.jpg

Phil Henderson

Field Foreman, Safety Committee

David Howard.jpg

David Howard

Field Foreman

Don McQueen Jr..jpg

Don McQueen

Field Foreman

Kenny Miller.jpg

Ken Miller

Field Foreman, Safety Committee

Chris Talley.jpg

Chris Talley

Field Foreman

Allen Yagle.jpg

Allen Yagle

Field Foreman

Tim Rainey

Shop Journeyman, Safety Committee

Tim Rainey.jpg
Chris Renholzberger.jpg

Chris Renholzberger

Shop Journeyman

Wilfredo Vargas

Shop Journeyman

Wilfredo Vargas.jpg
Jeff Owens.jpg

Tony Higginson

Field Journeyman

Jesse Mullins.jpg

Jesse Mullins

Field Journeyman, On-Site at Corteva AgriScience

C & C Employee - Tim Priest.jpg

Tim Priest

Field Journeyman

Corey Wilson.jpg

Corey Wilson

Field Journeyman

C & C Employee - Chris Zuroske.jpg

Chris Zuroske

Field Journeyman

Zach Auxier.jpg

Zach Auxier



Marlon Baker


Tyler Dost.jpg

Tyler Dost

Apprentice, Safety Committee


Isiah Hayes


Jeff Owens


Andy Webb.jpg

Andy Webb