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Expertise in live, operating facilities

While there are many similarities between our industrial and manufacturing/distribution clients, there are big differences too! Both require heavier gauges of construction and equipment than is typically encountered on most commercial projects. Specialized shop techniques, skills, certifications and special attention to performing the work safely are also critical to both industries.  However, manufacturing and distribution facilities fully understand the motto "Time is Money".

Like an integrated assembly line, our teams at C&C Sheet Metal bring high-performance technology together with reliable methods to create a multi-layered approach to facility and warehouse construction.  One that saves money, creates opportunity and advances business goals. Each manufacturing construction project has distinct conditions that demand a unique plan of action.  Our  team has a wealth of experience to draw upon and can also recognize the individual specifications of a project, taking challenges in stride with a proactive and comprehensive plan.

Whether your business builds, stores or ships, you need an efficient and reliable facility. You deserve a dependable partner that understands both your strategic vision and processing needs. We offer a reliable project control system that can get you to the marketplace faster.

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